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Taxes for the Masses

We started this podcast because we love talking tax with each other and want to share our passion with the world. We aim to discuss hot tax topics in a way that informs non-tax and/or non-accounting experts about the issues making headlines. Our goal is to explain each issue in a way anyone can understand - even people who are not tax nerds like us! To do so, we'll provide examples and color commentary that help our audience understand each side of the issue in an objective way. Our own personal biases will inevitably poke out, but we do our best to indicate when we are stating our own opinions versus objectively explaining an issue.


Bridget Stomberg

Associate Professor of Accounting

Bridget Stomberg is an associate professor of accounting at the IU Kelley School of Business, where she also is faculty chair of the Undergraduate Program and the Glaubinger Chair for Undergraduate Leadership. Her work focuses on the intersection of tax and financial reporting regulation, and explores the effects of tax policies and enforcement on corporate activities. Her research has been published in top accounting journals including The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies and Contemporary Accounting Research. In July 2021, she launched a podcast, Taxes for the Masses, where she and her co-host discuss hot tax topics in a way that informs nontax and nonaccounting experts about the issues making headlines. Before joining Kelley, she spent four years on the faculty of the Tull School of Accounting at the University of Georgia. Before entering academia, she worked in public accounting (PwC, Phoenix) and served as the director of tax for Insight Enterprises and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.

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Lisa De Simone

Associate Professor of Accounting

Lisa De Simone joined the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin as an Associate Professor of Accounting in 2020. Her research examining how multinational corporations and individuals respond to tax incentives worldwide has been published in top accounting and finance journals including the Journal of Accounting Research, the Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting and Economics, the Review of Accounting Studies, Contemporary Accounting Research, and the Review of Financial Studies. She teaches and has taught tax and personal finance courses to students in BBA, MPA, MBA, and PhD programs. She was previously an Associate Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business from 2013 to 2020. She earned a BA in Economics and German Studies from Stanford in 2002, an MS in Accounting from the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2008, and a PhD in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. Previous work experience includes transfer pricing consulting for Ernst & Young.

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