A Public Scholarship Podcast Network

The purpose of Professors.fm is to support public scholarship and elevate the voices of leading experts and researchers.

And to do it in a way that is inviting to the general public - people who are not immersed in academia but nonetheless curious and wanting to learn something new. Our listeners walk away feeling smarter, inspired, and more inquisitive.

It is a community
of peer scholar
It has relationships
with educational
institutions and
media partners
Scholars retain
100% ownership of
their podcast content
and have the final
editorial say

Professors.fm show Selection Criteria

Grounded in research
Content that is relevant, serious, and fun (not a lecture)
Not clickbaity or an echo chamber (i.e. repetition of same guests and viewpoints)
Responsibility to a diverse audience (demographic, geographic, and ideologic)
Belief in the importance of giving scholars a public voice
Technical high-production quality
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