Pfeffer on Power

Each episode Jeffrey Pfeffer sits down with a guest who has used the 7 rules of power to enhance and advance their businesses and their own careers in the process. Listen to hear real advice about practical uses of power from the people who wield it in their professional lives with great skill. Level up your own game, and get comfortable with your own POWER.



unSILOed is a series of interdisciplinary conversations that inspire new ways of thinking about our world.



Professor Mike Lewis presents quick takes and deep dives into the worlds of sports analytics and fandom. Sometimes we even get into non-sports examples of fandom. We take a holistic approach and consider topics ranging from player performance analytics to fan loyalty.



John Branch

Professor of Business Administration

Shalma Wegsman

Trained Physicist

Dan Hooper

Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sameer Srivastava

Ewald T. Grether Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy

Jennifer Chatman

Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management

Bridget Stomberg

Associate Professor of Accounting

Lisa De Simone

Associate Professor of Accounting

Jeffrey Pfeffer

The Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior

Greg LaBlanc

Lecturer| Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Mike Lewis

Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center

Marcus Collins

Professor of Marketing

Jules van Binsbergen

The Nippon Life Professor in Finance

Jonathan B. Berk

The A.P. Giannini Professor of Finance


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