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The Fanalytics Project comes to you from the Marketing Analytics Center of Emory University in Atlanta. Professor Mike Lewis presents quick takes and deep dives into the worlds of sports analytics and fandom. Sometimes we even get into non-sports examples of fandom. We take a holistic approach and consider topics ranging from player performance analytics to fan loyalty. What differentiates Fanalytics is that we combine rigorous analytics and an interdisciplinary perspective (statistics, economics, psychological and marketing) to explain the worlds of sports and entertainment fandom. ​ Podcast guests have included front office professionals, professors, sports business executives, and sports reporters. ​Topics include:

  • The economics and psychology of fandom
  • How leagues and franchises develop their stars
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements, league structure • Player performance analytics, and how teams can best use them
  • Why mascots and team names matter


Mike Lewis

Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center

Mike Lewis’s work focuses on the intersection of sports analytics and sports marketing. He studies issues ranging from player performance analytics to brand equity in sports. This approach makes Professor Lewis a unique expert on fandom as his work addresses the complete process from success on the field to success at the box office. Representative research topics include Competitive Balance, Generation Z Fandom, Performance Analytics, Salary Market Inefficiencies, Athlete Star Power, Esports, and Influencer Marketing. He also spends an excessive amount of time thinking about team names and mascots. His sports analytics content can be heard at the Fanalytics with Mike Lewis podcast. The foundation for Professor Lewis’ work is a deep background in statistics and optimization. These tools provide a data-driven approach to measurement and decision-making. He has published work related to loyalty programs, customer lifetime value, and dynamic pricing in addition to sports topics. Professor Lewis is also the Faculty Director for the Emory Marketing Analytics Center. Professor Lewis’ background includes a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and engineering degrees from the University of Illinois. He has published in outlets such as the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, the Journal of Marketing, and the New York Times.

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